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Trimoji is the smart assistant that quickly assesses soft skills to secure your recruitments.

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Why Trimoji?

Trimoji helps you to secure your recruitments.

You assess Soft Skills easily and quickly

The questionnaire takes less than 15 minutes. for your candidates and our analyzes are very graphic and very easy to understand. In addition, all our analyzes are translated into internationally recognized models: DISC, MBTI, Process Com', Big Five, RIASEC, M4.

Easy to use
Easy to interpret
Reliable results

Increase your skills on Soft Skills

Understand quantitative psychology simply with natural language analysis.

You have reliable and comparable data

You have access to comparison and matching tools unique in the world.

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Easy comparison
Personality match

Make decisions based on data

Measure, compare and match several profiles easily.

You offer a memorable candidate experience!

Boost your employer and recruiter brand with an analysis worthy of the 22nd century, fast (<15min.), fun and which takes into account the opinion candidates.

Takes into account the opinion candidates.

Improve your recruiter brand

Offer an ultra-fast and fun test experience to your candidates.

Trimoji works with all recruiters

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Firms.

Thanks to Trimoji, these companies

Ces entreprises, grâce à Trimoji

Identify new talent pools

Save time in job interviews.

Reduce casting errors

Boost internal mobility

Connect your ATS

Enjoy a simpler and more efficient experience

API connection

Launch Trimoji tests from your ATS

Consult your analyzes without changing tools

It's very useful !

We can connect Trimoji to any ATS.

Start a free trial (7 days)

with an unlimited number of PDF tests and analyses.

Our customers testify


Fast, intuitive and relevant.
We have very good feedback from candidates and the fact that they can give their opinion on the analysis is a real time saver.
The top: the profile comparison tool. Very well thought out, well done.

Christophe CHATELAIN - Chairman of the UP Resources firm

We chose Trimoji to assess the soft skills of our managers and define an ideal profile based on the best performers for recruitment.
Trimoji also helps us reduce turnover thanks to its internal mobility tools.

Servanne SEYNAEVE - HR Director at Buffalo Grill

Of all the Soft Skills tests on the market, this is the simplest. The results are very relevant and we save time. I recommend this tool.

Frédérick COUSIN - Recruitment Director at REFEA

Frédérik Cousin, CEO de REFEA
Cabinet de recrutement spécialisé en PME 🏢

Sarah Jallot, Responsable Assessment chez Teampact Ventures
Fonds d'investissement en start-up 🚀

Loïc Bayeux, recruteur et consultant RH indépendant
spécialisé en cabinets dentaires 🦷

Thomas Varinot, Directeur du recrutement chez RAKAM
Cabinet de recrutement IT et conseil RH 🏴‍☠️

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